Summer pasta (v)

“Creamy” Artichoke and Green Bean Rotini (v)

Baked veggie Ziti (v)

Vegetable lasagna rolls (v)

Quinoa pasta with spinach and roasted tomatoes (v)

Main Dishes

Black bean and quinoa burger (v)

Turkey burger sliders

Rip’s sweet potato bowl (v)

Healthy mac and cheese (v)

Baked falafal pita with yogurt-tahini sauce (v)

Garlic-rosemary roasted pork tenderloin

Brie, ham and apple quesadilla

Healthified chicken parmesan

Cilantro-lime flank steak tacos

Easy white fish recipe

Herb-roasted chicken

Yogurt marinated chicken

Stuffed red bell peppers

Seared scallops with sweet potato puree and garlic sauteed spinach

Quinoa and Veggie stuffed acorn squash (v)


Green goddess soup (v)

Carrot ginger (v)

Butternut Squash (v)

Tomato Basil (v)

Chicken Noodle


Spiced sweet potato bites (v)

Healthy potato salad (v)

Ginger and garlic braised bok choy (v)

Veggie stuffed tomatoes (v)

Miso cucumber salad (v)

Wilted spinach and cherry tomatoes (v)

Lettuce wraps

Glazed beets (v)

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus with sage infused sour cream

Pea pesto crostini (v)

Peal onions (v)

Healthy green bean casserole (v)

Roasted butternut squash with thyme (v)

Sweet potato fries (v)

Turkey Chinese dumplings


Carrot cake bites

Black bean brownies

Vegan banana bread

Cookie dough protein balls

Vegan date macaroons

Healthified blondie bars

S’more cups

Avocado chocolate pudding


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