Aligned Modern Health Review

I’ve been meaning to share this with you guys for a while now, I moved into a new office! It is pretty boring right now, I haven’t had time to get all Nate Berkus on it yet but in due time.
In case you were wondering, that penguin picture was there before me. Everyday I look at it think about how I need to take it down but two months later, it’s still there! Anyways, from freelancing at home to office life I have noticed my back hurting a lot more. I can pretty much guarantee with 100% certainty it is from sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day. And you don’t even want to know how atrocious my posture is, my grandma would be so disappointed in me…..

Anyways, I recently had the chance to visit Aligned Modern Health, a wellness center with a concentration on chiropractic and back health. When you first walk in it has a spa-like feel with funky decor and lighting. Then you walk by small open rooms with very high-tech machines that you would find in an upscale chiropractors office. Then you walk into an open studio-like area perfect for yoga and pilates classes. So I guess the best way to describe it is a spa, meets chiropractor, meets yoga studio.

Dr. Maloof was nice enough to give me the low down on what this place is all about. He described it as a place to simply help people move better and feel better. Through various screenings Dr. Maloof and his team of specialists can determine what you need to do to obtain optimum health and they will then give you the tools you need to get their. They stress however, that it is ultimately up to you to put those tools to use in order to see results.

I don’t know about you but I rarely pay any attention to my back, which is sad if you think about it considering it is the main structure in which the rest of our body relies on, the glue that holds it all together, so to speak. With bad posture being somewhat of an epidemic in this country, our backs (and our bodies) are suffering the consequences.

What I really liked about this place is that they take a very customized approach, looking at each patient individually rather than treating each one the same. Not to mention they have the tools to do so, you wouldn’t believe how cool these machines were! They offer FREE yoga, pilates and exercise classes to patients and even hold nutritional classes and social events, really emphasizing that health is just as much emotional and chemical as it is physical. They really understand that it takes a connection with all three of these for someone to reach their ultimate health potential. I figured their services would be way out of my budget but I was shocked to find out that they take most insurance for everything from screenings to massages!

Unfortunately for all of my out-of-town readers, they only have the one location at the moment, but I do encourage you to pay closer attention to your back health as this was a huge wake up call for me.  If you are in the Chicago area and you would like to check them out they are offering a 30 minutes wellness exam along with a 30 minute massage for just $25 dollars. Trust me, it’s worth the $25.


7 responses to “Aligned Modern Health Review

  1. I have the worst posture in the world! My boyfriend always teases me about how I’m always hunched over like a grandma. I definitely need to work on it hough. This place looks amazing! I wish I had one near me…how awesome they offer free yoga a nutrition classes. Thats so cool 🙂

  2. shiningfromwithin

    hollar for your new office! I wish I lived near a wellness center like that..! I need to pay more attention to my posture/back, too. I slouch!

  3. Yay! Good for you to find a good chiropractor! I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE advocate of Chiropractic and believe its the ONLY way to reach your full potential! Most people, and sometimes doctors, focus on the spine- which is important- but the real star of Chiropractic is the nervous system, which just happens to be housed in the spine. Chiropractic does more for your nervous system (and your BRAIN!) that it does for back-pain! So happy you found such a great place!

  4. My lower back is so weak and just like you said, I never focus on back strengthening exercises because they don’t ever feel like a “workout”. Plus, I just forget. But I’ve been trying to be a bit more conscious of it and work more on core strength through Pilates abs which basically targets your entire torso region, front and back. I would so love a 30 minute massage right now…sounds heavenly!

  5. chiropractic is amazing, its changed my life 🙂

  6. I’ve never tried anything like that, but my mom SWEARS by it!

    And those windows in your office are gorgeous! So nice to have natural light to work by.

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