Blondie Bars and Nana’s Cookie Giveaway!

My sweet tooth has been so out of control lately, it must be this crumby weather. Naturally I was blabbing about my issues on Twitter (@DishNutrish if you don’t already follow me πŸ˜› ) and the dessert Gods heard my cries! Nanas cookie companyΒ (@NanasCookieCo Follow them on twitter too) offered to send me a sample package of their VEGAN and gluten-free cookies! So as I waited on pins-and-needles to try them I had to tame the monster somehow. I found this recipe from Chocolate covered KatieΒ (click the link for the recipe) and was so intrigued by the ingredients that I had to give it a try. I couldn’t believe how awesome they were! And made out of chickpeas! Who knew?

Luckily this was enough to tide me over until I received this in the mail…..

Now I for one, have always believed in indulging in the “the real deal” in moderation but that has not been possible lately with this out of control sweet tooth, so finding a healthier option that I didn’t feel as guilty indulging in until I’m satisfied was crucial. These cookies blew me away! I had a few of my coworkers try them too just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Not only did they taste phenomenal, they totally satisfied my raging sweet tooth! Check out these stats!

  • Sweetened with fruit juice
  • No refined sugar
  • No eggs or dairy
  • All natural ingredients
  • No hydrogenated oils, trans fat, cane or beet prodcts
  • No GMO’s

Wanna get your mitts on these goods too? Nana’s Cookie Company graciously agreed to give one lucky Dishin’ About Nutrition reader the same package I got! That’s two double chocolate chip cookies, one coconut chip cookie, one package of fudgy wudgy’s and one package of peanut butter cookie bites! To enter leave a comment below telling me which flavor you would most like to try or if you have ever had Nana’s Cookies before, what you thought.

For extra entries: (leaving a separate comment for each)

  • Tweet about this giveaway (Optional tweet: Enter to win an awesome #GIVEAWAY @DishNutrish for a package of @NanasCookieCo #vegan #gluten free cookies!
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog
  • Add Dishin’ About Nutrition to your blogroll
  • “Like” us on Facebook: Nana’s Cookie CompanyΒ and Dishin’ About Nutrition
If you don’t happen to win be sure to follow them on FB and twitter because they do weekly giveaways! Don’t miss your chance to try their cookies!

45 responses to “Blondie Bars and Nana’s Cookie Giveaway!

  1. Kelsey @ Unmitigated Grub

    um…peanut butter cookie bites?? those sound PERFECT! I’ve yet to try Nana’s and I can’t wait.

    And I’m going to have to make those blondies!

    Happy Friday lady πŸ™‚

  2. Kelsey @ Unmitigated Grub

    I tweeted!

  3. I would love to try the double chocolate chip cookies πŸ™‚

  4. YUM! I am on a peanut butter kick these days so definitely the PB bites!

  5. Peanut Butter for me!

  6. I’m gonna say I’d HAVE to try the PB bites… droooool!

  7. I tweeted! @butterjessfly

  8. I liked you both on Facebook!

  9. Fudgy wudgy is possibly the best name ever for a cookie – so it would have to be those!
    I love the look of those blondie bars too πŸ™‚

  10. the coconut chip!! YUM!

  11. I’ve never tried them, but I’ve seen them around. The coconut chip sounds interesting!

  12. Tweeted it! @goofyfrito

  13. Dishin’ About Nutrition is on my blogroll πŸ™‚

  14. I like you both on Facebook πŸ™‚

  15. Liked you both on Facebook

  16. VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE? I’m dying right now in case you couldn’t tell by the caps lock πŸ™‚

    I am a PB fanatic so I would definitely choose the PB cookie bites πŸ™‚

  17. Def the pb bites!

  18. ive never had nanas cookies before, dont think they’re sold in canada 😦

  19. I want the fudgy wudgy cookies. Simply because they are called “fudgy wudgy” (was a bear…)

  20. double chocolate looks awesome!

  21. I would love to try the peanut butter bites πŸ™‚

  22. Never met a peanut butter cookie I didn’t love, so I would really like to try those.

  23. I just tweeted about your great giveaway.

  24. I would love to try the peanut butter bites… I share the peanut butter addiction!

  25. i liked you both on facebook!

  26. I would love to try Coconut Chip!!

  27. I tweeted the giveaway

  28. I “liked” you both on Facebook

  29. Made out of beans… I’m so impressed! Glad they taste so great! And I think I’d try the chocolatey cookies! Yummy!

  30. I’d love to try the double chocolate chip cookies!

  31. I’ve never had vegan cookies but these sound great! I’d love to give them a try!

  32. Oh I would definitely love to try these they sound delicious! πŸ™‚
    I follow you twitter πŸ™‚

  33. The last comment should have said that I tweeted.

    I also liked BD and NC on facebook! πŸ™‚

  34. These all sound so good…I’d definitely go for the peanut butter right off! Cheers!

  35. I’m most excited to taste the coconut chip cookie.

  36. Liked Nana’s Cookie Company and Dishin’ About Nutrition on FB user Trinity Reyes.

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