As many of you now know, I am a total Beverage Diva. I hate drinking water but I know I need to so I try to find ways to sneak fluids into my diet without having to choke down boring H2O. I had my bout with crystal light but quickly got sick of the flavors due to overuse. When I learned about ACTIVATE, the ingredients definitely peaked my interest. I was lucky enough to try the berry flavor this weekend (which is full of antioxidants!)

It took me a second to figure it out because it’s not your standard beverage. First you have to twist the blue cap to release vitamins, electrolytes and the flavor, then you shake it to mix then you open the white cap to enjoy.

Here are the things I really liked about it:

  • It is naturally sweetened with Stevia, no artificial preservatives or added sugar – SCORE!
  • Only 5 calories per bottle
  • Tastes great – 8 flavors in all. Four for working out, 1 for energy, 1 for immunity, 1 for energy, 1 for vitamins and 1 for antioxidants (I must try them all!)
  • Has the added benefits of vitamins and electrolytes so it’s BETTER than stupid old water! Double score!
I will have to try the rest of the flavors to give you a more well rounded review but so far I would definitely suggest this drink for anyone who has a hard time getting their daily allotment of water in – or anyone who enjoys a refreshing, healthy beverage – diva or not!
In other news:
I apologize for being MIA last week. I was out of the office on a business trip and was unable to post but I am back and ready to cook, write and tweet my face off to make up for it!! 😛
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7 responses to “ACTIVATE Review

  1. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I don’t mind boring old H2O but I definitely struggle with getting those recommended 8 glasses in each day. How’s the price on this product??

  2. I definitely struggle with drinking enough water too, so this is a great post!

  3. I struggle with drinking enough water, but I am doing better lately 🙂

  4. I love water but I LOVE LOVE low calorie alternatives that pack nutrients! I haven’t seen this before, I wonder if they sell it at Whole Foods? Really into the tea extracts, too.

  5. Sounds cool! No worries about being MIA! The real world always comes first! 🙂

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