My Favorite Health Food Products

A few people have ask me recently what kinds of products I use on a daily basis so I thought I would dedicate a post to share my all-time favs (although they are ever-changing). Healthy eating is a lifestyle, so incorporating healthy products into your everyday life is crucial to making it stick.

From left to right:

Organic Ground Flax Seed – I have talked about the nutritional benefits of flax seed many times (here and here) and I practice what I preach. I sprinkle this in my oatmeal or cereal every morning. I will also add a couple teaspoons to breads, baking goods, and grains.

Spirulina – I will add this to my smoothies for a afternoon healthy snack. It is a little bitter in taste and turns your food to a horrible shade of green but I think it’s a great product. I spoke about the health benefits here.

Quinoa Pasta – I use this to make healthy mac & cheese, healthy parmesan chicken and any pasta dish I try. It tastes great and has the best health benefits as far as pasta goes. Quinoa is packed with protein and fiber and digests slowly to keep you satisfied for a longer period of time.

Salba (or Chia) Seeds – I add these little nuggets of Omega-3 goodness to my morning cereal or oatmeal every morning. Researches say that when wet, these seeds form a gel in the stomach that slow digestion, keeping you full all morning long!

Coconut Oil – Rumor has it this is supposed to be great for hair, skin and nails but better yet, it is said to aid in weight loss and management! I use this when cooking in place of olive oil. It actually has a pretty good taste to it!

Cherry Juice – I mix this with my vibe (see below) and V8 Light V-Fusion for a healthful glass of juice to kick-start my day. Cherry juice (particularly tart cherry) has a slew of health benefits including major antioxidants!

Veganaise – Made with no eggs, this mock-mayo actually tastes very similar to the real deal. I was a little skeptical at first, and since I am not vegan, I really didn’t have a problem with using my usual light mayo. Needless to say it passed the taste test and the nutritional ingredients convinced me to make the switch.

Vibe – This is my multi-vitamin believe it or not. Liquid vitamins are said to be absorbed by the body significantly more efficiently and effectively. While the taste is rather bitter, I know I am getting the dose of vitamins and minerals my body needs everyday.


Do you, or have you, used any of these products?

What is your fav healthy food product right now?


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10 responses to “My Favorite Health Food Products

  1. Thanks for this informative list! I had no idea that I should be looking to take liquid vitamins over pills. I cook with flax seeds all the time, and I love quinoa. I’ve never tried quinoa pasta before, but maybe now I’ll have to buy a box. I keep hearing good things about chia seeds, but have yet to try them. The one healthy item that I always try to have on hand is kale, as it’s great for you and I love its hearty, slightly bitter taste.

  2. Love quinoa too! It’s such a versatile grain! I’ve never tried cherry juice, but now I really want to!

  3. My grammy told me to buy/use veganase! =) how crazy is that?! hehe! go gram!

    I use a lot of these! and plan on adding coconut oil into the mix soon! =)

  4. I love using flax and chia seeds for my oats! 😀

  5. I just ran out of chia seeds today 😦 I LOVE them!

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  8. Quinoa Pasta is my new fav. 🙂


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