The Great Bacon Debate

I bought a packet of Turkey Bacon the other day for a Frittata recipe that I wanted to try which sparked the question, is turkey bacon really better for you than pork bacon? Upon researching this question I had NO IDEA how controversial it is! I came across forum after forum of doctors, registered dietitians and food science professionals all arguing over this! So needless to say, there is no right answer. Here are the arguments:

PRO Turkey Bacon– In general is lower in fat and calories, depending on brand.

CON Turkey Bacon– Is not cut from the bird, it is processed and mixed with tons of additives and chemicals. Can be higher in sodium.

PRO Pork Bacon– No fake additives. It is actually healthier for you if you chose a low-sodium brand.

CON Pork Bacon– Way too much sodium, a fatty slice of meat. Most are higher in calories and fat.

Confused much? Yeah, so am I. I decided that if I am going to have bacon (I rarely do) I might as well have some fricken bacon! It is clear that the jury is out on the health benefits of one over the other. My motto has always been: “Indulge in moderation”. One slice of bacon isn’t going to make a big difference in the long run.

I am curious to hear what you guys think though. Does anyone have a preference?


7 responses to “The Great Bacon Debate

  1. Boy do I LOVE some quality Bacon. I refuse to understand why anyone would consider turkey Bacon or any other Bacon derivative. It is completely unnatural! Mmm give me a slice of unknown turkey meat, parts, fat, filler, chemicals, that is made to look like a slice of a natural product. Yuck. Also, consider what you usually eat bacon with – eggs. Significantly lower in sodium but higher in calories, and similar in saturated fat. Eat a lot of anything and of course it won’t be healthy, but you can at least treat yourself to some good old fashion pork bacon once and awhile without ruining your waistline.

  2. you know, this is interesting. I kind of agree – if you want bacon, just eat regular old bacon. although I kind of like canadian bacon – i wonder if there’s any controversy there? hmmm

  3. I eat turkey bacon, but mostly because I don’t like the taste of regular bacon that much. I agree with what you said. Everything in moderation is absolutely fine. 🙂

  4. I don’t like bacon, so I wouldn’t eat either, but I say if you want real bac0n- eat real bacon! A little never hurt anyone 🙂

  5. Bring on the bacon! I like to buy mine smoked but uncured from this farmer outside of Chicago, who makes meat deliveries to us folks in the city once a meat. All of the meat is humanely raised, grass fed and out-of-this-world delicious. I’ve yet to find a better bacon. Turkey bacon has its uses, but it just never seems to crisp up the same and the flavor just isn’t as good—and then you don’t have any fat leftover to cook with!

  6. I actually love both turkey bacon and real bacon! But only real when its realllllly crispy. I hate pieces with tons of fat on them! BLECK!

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