Brooklyn Decker Diet and Exercise Secrets

Brooklyn Decker was chosen for the coveted role of 2010s Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model. Men and women alike have since been drooling at every flawless picture and magazine cover she graces. We often think how easy it must be for celebrities to have all of the resources they need to stay in shape at their fingertips. But no matter how wealthy or famous you are, Decker says the only thing that really works is exercise, eating healthy and accepting your body for what it is that will make you succeed.

The bombshell has openly admitted that she actually gained weight on crazy fad diet like juice cleanses and fasting. In an interview with Women’s Health magazine she said, “Oddly enough, [after I gave up juice fasting to stay skinny] more people wanted to work with me,” recounts Decker, who says her dad advised her to stop fasting and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Her size 4 waist, curvy body and voluptuous bust were often too big by modeling standards. Studies have actually shown that men are biologically wired to be more attracted to a woman’s curvy body than a thin body because a curvy, hourglass shape body is more fertile.


Her Exercise Regimen

Decker is now happier and healthier than ever and she revealed how she stays that way in an interview with Women’s health magazine. As far as training is concerned, the model focuses mainly on toning her body through yoga, cardio workouts and calisthenics. She says she is not obsessive about working out but makes sure she fits in some form of exercise at least three times per week. If she is crunched on time, she will squeeze in five minutes of squats. Decker swears by her varying workouts to keep her fit and toned. In her recently released workout DVD series, Elle Make Better Series: Elle Workout Yoga, she says, “yoga’s probably the thing I held onto most because I noticed it really enhanced my other workouts because I work out like an athlete,” she says. “I go for long runs or spin classes and I do weights, which I think a lot of women are scared of. I think it’s so important to do weights, because they don’t make you bigger, they make you more lean and toned and all that good stuff.”

Her Diet Regimen

As the wife to sexy tennis super star Andy Roddick, Decker loves to fuel her body with nutritious food to keep her womanly figure in tiptop shape. “My number one favorite superfood is blueberries,” she gushes. “Oh, and I can’t forget coffee. I was thrilled to hear that coffee was a superfood,” she adds. Decker also loves eggs because they never get boring. She eats mostly a high protein diet with healthy fats like Greek yogurt and mixed nuts. In Self Magazine on stands now (February issue), she suggests to “do the moderation thing.” By eating what you want and what your body craves you will save your body from major damage resulting from binging and purging or fasting. She also suggest to “treat yourself,” saying “The woman at my local candy store knows me by name! I am also a coffee addict. I figure, I don’t drink much alcohol. I’m not a smoker. I’m a pretty healthy eater. And I work out. I’m allowed to have a vice, and it’s coffee!”

When it comes to women in the media and how they are portrayed, I think she makes a great role model as the SI cover girl. She is healthy, curvy and confident, not pin-thin and sick-looking like so many other celebrities. She has a rockin’ bod but she makes it a point to expose the truth behind healthy and not healthy. Knowing that one of the hottest women in the world struggles with the same issues I do is very encouraging. She is proof that it takes hard work to have and maintain a body like that, no matter who you are!


6 responses to “Brooklyn Decker Diet and Exercise Secrets

  1. great post! thank you for sharing.. she seems like a wonderful role model and i love her attitude towards fitness and healthy eating!

  2. great post! I love seeing models who live a healthy lifestyle and are proud of their curves. shes beautiful!

  3. Great post! I think she looks amazing, and real all in the same time-which is rare in the modeling world!!!!

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  5. I have regularly believed that the best method to loose weight rapidly is to essentially make positive changes to way of living. What I mean is, in case you seriously would like or have to drop a few lbs, then you’ve to make this vital choice – am I going to do this or aren’t I? And when you’ve made your mind up, and you are wholly commited to your success, then nothing at all can stop you.

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