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While I hope you all enjoy reading what I have to say, I also think it is important to share with you some of my favorite resources for health and nutrition. I have been reading health magazines weekly since my Sophomore year of college and have learned so much. I also check out healthy lifestyle websites and other blogs for inspiration on how I can improve my personal goals and well being as well as what to write about.


Health News offers 10 tips for Fighting Those Winter Pounds. A few of my favorite tips include, pre-plan meals, control your portions, and eat breakfast! Click the link above to read the article.

Dr. Oz features a delicious looking recipe for the Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie from weight watchers. I can’t wait to try this out, stay tuned for pics!

Women’s Health Magazine shows you some new ab moves that give you a Flat Belly Fast– No Crunches! I tried these yesterday and I am sore today! I dare you to try it!

Want to lose 10 pounds this month? Shape shows you how with a no-fail diet plan for fast weight loss results. This article has it all – tips, recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and how-to videos to keep you on track.

Blogs: (Hard to pick just a few…)

Erin Coates of The Healthy Apron always has great advice, tips and recipes. As a registered dietitian, she is very devoted and knowledgeable when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. She always has a positive message and something yummy to share with her readers.

I love reading up on what Kylie at A Hungry Spoon has in store for the day. She’s always got a fresh new twist on recipes with wholesome, healthy food. I am looking forward to trying her Citrus Quinoa salad – YUM!

Smitten Kitchen is a Foodie-blog fav. Deb puts a fresh unexpected spin on comfort foods from bread to birthday cake. Her photos are so beautiful and her recipes are divine!

I have been following Allie’s blog Live Laugh Eat since I first starting blogging myself. She takes great pictures, always has fun new recipes and is always on some sort of cool adventure.

What are your favorite publications or websites related to health and fitness that you go to for inspiration?


7 responses to “Must read articles

  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I love reading health/fitness/food articles! :]

  2. I love reading health and foodie articles! I think I love cooking light, and just totally random magazines I find!

  3. oo thanks for all of these! cant wait to get readin’

  4. I love all of the blogs you mentioned!

  5. Woah thats a whole lotta reading! I used to research all over the internet, now I cruise through the blog world:)

  6. I am all about the magazines like Shape, Self, Fitness, etc! Such great recipe & workout ideas 🙂

  7. I don’t read those mags regularly, but am a huge fan of Runner’s World and Running Times for all things running-related. They usually have some decent stuff in terms of nutrition too 🙂

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