Super Foods Everyone Should Have in Their Diet

A “super food” is a category of foods deemed high in essential vitamins and nutrients that are said to help maintain a healthy body. These foods have been proven to assist in weight loss, fight diseases, and aid the body’s organs to function properly. These foods all have one thing in common, they are all natural. I have preached the importance of decreasing your intake of processed food many times on this blog but this just goes to show, our bodies were not meant to function on that kind of food. Here is a list of “super foods” that should be staples in your diet. (These are not the only ones, these are simply a small list of a few of my favs – feel free to add!)

Blueberries– These cancer-fighting, heart-healthy little balls of antioxidants are full of fiber, folic acid, and vitamins C and E. They are naturally sweet and have few calories so they are great for someone with a sweet tooth.

Spinach– This leafy green has a plethora of health benefits like it is high in protein, vitamin K, vitamin A and fiber, just to name a few. Add this to your diet for your skin and eye health, to help regulate your blood pressure and to have stronger muscles (Popeye anyone?).

Broccoli- The mini tree-resembling power food will help boost your immune system, contains cancer-fighting nutrients, and satisfying fiber. Steam this veggie to retain the majority of its health benefits or try it raw with a veggie dip or in a salad.

Eggs- This perfect little oval is a great source of protein which can assist in weight loss. They are low in calories, nutrient dense and are high in vitamins D and B12. Start your day off with these and watch as you stay more full and focused throughout your day as well as your weight start to drop!

Dark chocolate– Surprise! You didn’t just read that wrong, contrary to popular belief, chocolate is good for you! The higher percentage of cocoa the more benefits you will get. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, lowers blood pressure and is heart healthy. With just a square of this, you can satisfy any sweet craving and be completely satisfied!

Other notables include: Beans, oats, tea, tomatoes, salmon, yogurt, kale, acai, walnuts, bananas and soy.

What is your favorite “super food” and how do you use it?


12 responses to “Super Foods Everyone Should Have in Their Diet

  1. Tumeric! It’s so random, but it was mentioned in an article about foods/spices that have amazing health benefits but you don’t use…So now I randomly through it in every soup or sauce. Very versatile!

  2. Dark chocolate- yes please! Like I need an excuse to eat chocolate 🙂

  3. My favorite super food is probably a tie between eggs and spinach- they are both so versatile, it’s difficult for me to go a day without eating one or both!

  4. My favorite super food is spinach! I eat it alost everyday! On sandwiches, stir fries, smoothies, salads! Mmmm!!!!!

  5. I love spinach but I Really love berries!

  6. Great blog! I really love berries – frozen ones work right now because of the winter.

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