On My To-Do/To-Try List

With such a busy schedule these days I find that sometimes I need to write things down in order to get them done. As if seeing them on a page makes the task more legitimate. I have been meaning to do and try several things and I keep pushing them off because of the holidays or traveling or what-have-you. Now, in my New Year mentality, I am jotting it down on an official To-Do/To-Try list and posting here for you all to see. My posting it here will hold me accountable to get this stuff done once and for all. Because, I would never let my loyal readers down 🙂

1. I recently signed up for a Bare Deal coupon for 5 kickboxing classes at Pure Vibes Fitness. I have never done kickboxing and have always wanted to try it but just in case it wasn’t my thing, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it. My Bare Deal coupon (see site for more details) will give me the opportunity to try 5 classes for just $27, a $100 value! Now is my chance to try this kick-butt workout! Stay tuned to hear how it goes!

2. I have been trying to jazz up my dinner meals lately as well as broaden my horizons in the kitchen. I have been on the hunt for recipes that are healthy, challenging (for me), and something my BF will actually eat! Kylie at A Hungry Spoon posted a great recipe for a Citrus Quinoa Salad (here). It looked so delicious, different and healthy that I had to add it to this list. I could see myself saving this recipe and having it get away from me because I don’t have one ingredient or another. But now that it’s on my trusty list, it is a must! Can’t wait to try it, thank you Kylie!

3. I have seen so many fellow bloggers try workout videos lately. I am a total gym rat and have never been disciplined enough to workout at home, based on my few attempts. My recent Christmas gift however (our new puppy Lola!) has made leaving her unattended very difficult. So my next To-Try task is an at-home workout DVD. Suggestions are appreciated!

4. I have researched all of the great health benefits of lentils and even bought some but it has been sitting, untouched, in the back of my cabinet for several months now. My goal in the next week or so is to try cooking with these bad boys. Anyone have a good lentil recipe for me to try?

5. I need to switch up my workout routine (besides trying out the workout DVDs). I am getting beyond bored and have hit a plateau in my weight loss which is clue #1 my body needs to be shocked! I think I will go back a HIT (High Intensity Training) routine like I did a while ago (here). I know HIT training is proven to boost the metabolism, shock your muscles and increase strength.

What is on your To-Do/To-Try list?


7 responses to “On My To-Do/To-Try List

  1. Kickboxing sounds like a lot of fun AND a great workout. Let me know how it turns out! 🙂

  2. I have two comments! 1) At home workouts: Jari Love DVDs are pretty awesome, as is P90X, and the Bob Harper Inside Out DVDs. Kinda depends on what you want to achieve, but I love all of those.

    2) Lentils. Are. Awesome. Aside from veggie burgers, you can blend them up in baked goods like muffins (really) and not even know they are there but get all their benefits. This lentil scone recipe (http://www.nomeatathlete.com/lentil-scones/) was the first thing I ever tried with lentils, and my very picky husband even liked them!

    Good luck on your list!

  3. Quinoa salads are fantastic! I made one this weekend when my brother and his girlfriend were in town and everyone loved it! And my brother was super skeptical. Good luck on your list! (and I am a huge advocate for workout videos…so easy.)

  4. I want to try some workout DVDs. There’s no excuse not to do them if you have them at home!

  5. Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels workouts are awesome! You can’t go wrong with a workout by either one.

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