Best Workout Songs Ever!

My best tip of all when it comes to working out is, as I said way back when (here), music is the ultimate motivator. If you ever find your workout getting a little mundane try switching up your music. I have tons of workout playlists on my ipod (i.e Run Mix 1, 2, 3 and 4, Oldies but Goodies, and Best Mood Mix). But there is one in particular that will save any lame workout. Aptly named “My go-to tunes” playlist. This, my friends, is a taste of my very long list of songs that (in my opinion) will never get old and will always perk me up.

1. Disterbia – Rihanna

2. Get Low – Lil John and The East Side Boys

3. Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake

4. Almost anything by Michael Jackson (My favs: Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Thriller, Billie Jean, Wanna’ Be Startin’ Something, P.Y.T and Jam)

4. Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani

5. Yeah – Usher

6. A few from the Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling, Don’t Phunk With My Heart, and My Humps)

7. Just Dance – Lady Gaga

8. Memories – David Guetta

9. Do Somethin’ – Britney Spears (sorry I just had to…)

10. The Seed (2.0) – The Roots

What are your favorite go-to workout jams?


6 responses to “Best Workout Songs Ever!

  1. Michael Jackson is great workout music 🙂

  2. You have several of my go-to songs on that list. I love The way you make me feel by Michael Jackson and Just Dance by Lady Gaga. I also have In my head by Jason Derulo and Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

  3. Good Music = Good workout! I always make sure my ipod is updated with fun music to keep me motivated! Lately, I’ve been loving Katy Perry!

  4. Oh yeah you so have to have the right music to work out, I even find when I am working I have to have the right music to keep me motivated.

  5. um, I work out to SO MANY of these songs! I like to mentally create elaborate dance routines when I’m working out- especially if a song is really ‘dance-able’. Like, I’ve created an intricate tap dance routine to “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. That way, when I’m listening to the song and I’m on the elliptical, I’m “really” tap dancing!

    Ok, this is probably really weird, but it totally works for me :).

  6. Great post! Keep it up! Personally, I think having the self discipline to follow through on one’s goals and expectations is the single most important thing a person needs to have. Not only in sports but in just about everything you do in your life. You’d be crazy to expect getting well-developed muscles if you are not working out religiously or if you are not following a proper diet. Following-through makes all the difference. A fire will eventually die out if you don’t feed fuel to it, but it can grow really big if you fan it and give it more fuel to burn. So, if we’re talking about building muscles, following-through means having and executing the right workout program for you, eating a proper diet, taking in supplements, and living a healthy lifestyle. Have a great day!

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