Best of 2010

This year has been very exciting for me. I graduated in May, I moved to my favorite city, Chicago and I met my Prince Charming, Corey! After a couple of rough years, I can confidently say I learned a lot in 2010. So here are a few things that I want to share with you.

1. Health is not just physical. Your mental health is every bit as important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Surround yourself with positive people, loyal friends, and supportive family members. Think about how you want people to describe you when you aren’t around. Make an effort to be those things and ignore or remove the negatives in your life.

2.  Exercise has to be fun or you won’t stick with it. I have told you all about Corepower yoga and my half marathon in previous posts. In high school I loved going to the Firm in Minneapolis and taking all of their aerobic and cycling classes. I guess it has taken me this long to realize that in order for me to stick with a routine, I need to enjoy it. If you have trouble sticking with something or you only view exercise as cruel and unusual punishment than try something new. Rather than meeting your girlfriends for drinks, go for a hike or rent out a squash court. Rather than going on a dinner date with your Honey, go to the driving range or look up some free ice skating times. If you like to exercise on your own try out a free week at local facilities. Most gyms and yoga/pilates studios offer a free week trial so take advantage and try something new!

3. Take more risks and switch up your routine in 2011. I have been blonde my entire life. The day my roots started to turn a slight shade of brown, I started coloring my hair. I had always talked about going brunette but I always chickened out. This year I finally took the plunge. While I fully intend on going back to my “roots”, it was refreshing to have something different. I also realized it wasn’t the end of the world and it encouraged me to take more risks, like cooking (if you’ve been reading my blog you know what I am talking about!)

4. Confidence is the sexiest, most attractive thing ever, and we should all have more of it! I am a total sinner for this one but I am working on it. Nobody enjoys the “I’m fat” conversation. Whether it is your best friend, a co-worker or your significant other, this is always uncomfortable and NEGATIVE (see #1). It shows on your face without even saying anything. You can always sense when someone who is confident walks in a room. They hold their head higher, they don’t care what people think of them and they are generally a lot of fun to be around. Surprise everyone this New Year with a new and improved, more confident you!


2 responses to “Best of 2010

  1. What a perfect post and so well said! I agree with each and every point! I also changed my hair closer to my natural color! I’ve been blonde forever just like you but I took the plunge to brunette and I love it! I feel like it fits me well!

  2. Wow, I love all of these lessons! Especially #1 (I call it “whole-self health”) and #4. It really is all about confidence! 🙂

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