Foodie Myth Busters

1. Nix red meat from you diet because it is bad for your health.


This myth probably came from studies that have linked red meat with increased risk of heart disease, partly due to the saturated fat content. What people don’t know is that chicken can contain just as much saturated fat as lean cuts of beef or pork. Lean cuts of red meat are a great source of iron, B12 and B6 vitamins among other vitamins and nutrients. Iron deficiency is very common, especially in women, which can lead to anemia, a condition in which the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells that provide oxygen to body tissues.

2. Stick your tongue out while chopping an onion to avoid your watery eyes


A trusty trick of mine that looks ridiculous but works like a charm! Don’t ask me why it works but keep your tongue out the entire time (if you stick your tongue back in your mouth, or don’t do it from the beginning the trick won’t work). Try it next time, you are sure to amuse your dining guests 🙂

3. Eating an apple a-day keeps the quack away.


While this little saying may not be totally true, I deem it true enough to pass my Foodie Myth Buster test and here is why: Apples contain health benefits that no other fruits have. They are always available (in season) and they are easy to bring with you when you need a healthy snack on the fly. Apples contain a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which supports your immune system. They are low in calories but still fill you up. Some studies suggest that apples help prevent different kinds of cancers, tooth decay, heart disease, and lung disease.

4. Fat is bad for you and certainly does not assist in weight loss


Not only are certain fats not bad for you, they are actually essential for the human body to function properly. Note the word “certain” fats. There are two kinds of fats; saturated and trans fats (the bad ones) and unsaturated fats, or monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (the good ones). Incorporating small doses of mono’s and poly’s into your diet can increase satiety (scientific word for the feeling of fullness), help lower cholesterol, and help reduce your risk or heart disease.

5. Healthy food tastes like cardboard


What, dried up tofu doesn’t sound as appealing as gooey macaroni and cheese? Of course not! Our society is obsessed with adding more salt, fat and carbs to every meal, and rich tasting cuisine is what we are used to. It is difficult at first but you need to re-train your taste buds to enjoy food that your body needs rather than craves. You can substitute seasonings for salt to decrease the sodium content, without sacrificing taste. Get your sugar fix from natural sources like sweet fruits. Dress up your veggies with a healthy topping (i.e sprinkle parmesan cheese on broccoli). Healthy food CAN taste good, it just takes a little big of effort on your part.


2 responses to “Foodie Myth Busters

  1. Hey girlie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was intrigued by your myth busters. I have to comment on your first point though: I believe that ALL animal meats and products should be limited because they are in fact, not as healthy for us as plant proteins. Do I believe they are okay to be consumed in moderate amounts? yes. But most americans eat some form of animal product at every meal and snack. In my opinion, it should be <1-2 times a day.

    I highly agree with your last point! Americans HAVE gotten so used to additives that they don't even know what real food tastes like! My husband is the prime example. He started eating like me ~5 years ago and he too notices when foods that are highly salted, sugared, or artificially whatever-ed just taste wrong. He LIKES and appreciates his food much more! GReat points!

  2. #2 is fascinating!!! I never knew that. Though I think these days, onions are genetically modified or something to prevent the tear-inducing fumes…I’ve not had an onion that made me cry for years!

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