Behold the power of the CROCK POT!

Hamilton Beach Set 'N Forget

So I decided that cooking is a huge pain! It is time consuming, it takes ingenuity, intuition and practice- none of which I have the patience for! While I know it is a necessary evil I am trying to find anyway to lessen the pain. After searching high and low I decided to invest in a crock pot. Last week my new Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker arrived!

Yesterday, I realized it was noon, I was late for an appointment and I had no time to go to the grocery store, but I HAD to make something for dinner in order to meet my three night a week cooking quota! I opted to take a lifeline and called mom. She told me to throw a can of cream of mushroom soup in the crock pot with carrots, potatoes, onion, celery, chicken and seasonings and dinner would be ready by seven.

Well I did as I was told, took a pinch of this and a pinch of that (I honestly couldn’t tell you what I put in there!) and prayed for the best as I rushed out the door. To my horror, when I picked up my one-and-only up from work he was starvingggg (great, a perfect time to disappoint with a terrible meal).

I watched as he took his first bite, half expecting him to spit it out onto the floor. But he didn’t!! EUREKA!! He actually liked it! And trust me, he wouldn’t just say that to spare my feelings…bless his heart.

So for all of you busy, cooking-challenged individuals out there like me, my suggestion is to invest in this miraculous dinner making machine! Stay tuned for many future crock-pot recipes!


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