Chicken soup for the sniffles

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! While I love this time of year, the amount of delicious, starchy, sugary and fatty food is unavoidable. And worse yet, we can just cover it all up with our big comfy sweaters and expandable spandex so we don’t have to see the damage.

Alas, I was on a quest when I got back to Chicago to try some new healthy meals (and give the ole’ BF a break from the grill for once!). My first journey on this quest was home made chicken noodle soup (Corey and I both consequently had a cold; Thank you Minnesota….).

Grocery list:
Rotisserie chicken
Egg noodles
2 cartons of chicken stock
Sweet onion
S&P to taste (load up on the pepper, trust me)

Cooking instructions:
Saute carrots first with oil or butter (carrots are dense and take longer to cook)
Saute the onions and celery in a separate pan
When both are golden combine in big pot and add chicken stock
Peel the chicken into strips with a fork and add to the mixture
(Cook noodles separately according to directions and add to the mixture)
Add thyme, S&P


3 responses to “Chicken soup for the sniffles

  1. Stick the chicken bones and skin in the oven, uncovered, after all the chicken is used. Roast them until everything is browned well. Mash the bones down and cover with water. Stick it back in the oven, covered, for an hour or so, or simmer on the top of the stove. This will give you the basis for a lovely broth for you next batch of soup. Better by far than the stuff in a box.

    To make the broth even better, as you roast your bones, include a couple of celery stalks, a carrot, a parsnip and an onion. When you add the water to the bones, add a bay leaf and some pepper.

    To be really frugal, freeze carrot ends, clean peelings, onion skins and discarded bits of assorted veggies. The veggie component of the broth can be roasted separately for better control of burning, or mixed in with the bones and all roasted together.

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