Gotta’ love a man that can cook!

Sorry ladies but he is off the market. Not only does he listen to me complain about my day, my weight, my hair, my outfit, my lack of funds and whatever else it is that I complain about, he also COOKS! After we purchased his “man grill” in September he became quite the chef. It’s the classic story of “Mr. Meat and Potatoes” meets “Ms. Veggies and Tofu”. He still has his moments (last nights dinner- nachos….) but all in all he has (reluctantly) taken on my love of healthy eating. On the menu this evening was marinated squash, zucchini, and red bell peppers, basil baked onion and a lean beef burger with havarti cheese.

Grilled Veggies:

1. Slice zucchini and squash as desired and perforate with a fork
2. Marinade with Italian dressing of your choice, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, garlic and red pepper flakes (optional)- in a plastic bag for several hours
3. Slice peppers into quarters and marinade with olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, a couple cloves of garlic, S&P-in a separate plastic bag for several hours
4. Grill veggies on tin foil for at least twenty minutes and up to desired texture. Make sure peppers are facing up with the marinade sitting inside (like a bowl). The skin of the peppers will blacken but it is easy to peel off. Flip peppers after ten minutes and place on the top shelf or leave on the tin foil (be careful, the marinade will catch on fire but burns off quickly).

Baked Onion:

1. Cut the onion’s top and bottom off so it lays flat on a piece of tin foil.
2. Cut 3/4 of the way through three times one way and three the other (so it makes little squares but stays in once piece i.e don’t cut all the way through)
3. Add either fresh basil or squeeze a quarter size of the squeezable basil on the top of the onion
4. Place a tab of butter on the tin foil and place the onion on top. Place another tab of butter on top of the onion
5. Sprinkle garlic salt over the entire onion and wrap it up in the tin foil.
6. Bake in the oven for at least an hour and until it is very soft (this could take an extra 15-30 minutes) at 350 degrees.


1. Mix ground chuck with 1-2 tablespoons (for two patties) of worcestershire sauce and mix in a bowl (don’t squish too much until the sauce is absorbed)
2. Pattie together and sprinkle with desired seasoning (cajon, jerk, etc)
3. Add a sprinkle of salt just before you put it on the grill (because the salt will dry the meat out if it is on there too long) and pepper (essential to making a delicious burger)
4. Cook for 5-8 minutes a side depending on how you like your burger cooked.

And dinner is served! I knew I picked a good one but I guess I didn’t know how good until he showed me his moves in the kitchen 😉


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