Cooking for Dummies

Upon my much-anticipated move to Chicago in a week I have earth shattering (and slightly tragic) news; I am officially hanging up my college party pants for the domestic (ever elusive and obviously foreign), apron. Yes friends you heard it here first, I’m a big girl now and it’s high time I graduate from microwave to oven. Don’t get me wrong I’m shakin’ in my boots. For those of you who say cooking is easy, whatever. Not all of us grew up with mother Martha Stewart (or anything remotely close) so for those of you who, like me, grew up on Ramon Noodles and cake batter. I render it necessary that I document this momentous occasion and share with you my trials and tribulations.

Experiment #1: Sweet potato fries – If you order these at a restaurant or buy them frozen from the grocery store they will hardly be any better for you than regular fries. However, if you make them yourself you know exactly what is on them and how they were prepared and can rest assured they are healthified. I cut up two sweet potatoes into long thin strips and laid them on tin foil. I sprinkled extra virgin olive oil and various spices. I put them on the grill and what came out was nothing short of heaven. Absolutely delish and a perfect veggie to pair with any kind of poultry!

Stay tuned for more!


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