The Truth About Multigrain

The word “multi-grain” may sound like a healthy option for bread products but don’t be fooled. Multigrain simply means there is more than one type of refined grain in the product. If you check out the ingredients, you will most likely find at the top of the list “refined white flour”. Even though the food bread looks brown (thanks to food coloring), you might as well be eating Wonder bread. Just when you think you are making healthy choices, the food industry tricks you again! Frustrating I know, but the more educated you become about these products, the less likely food companies will be able to make these short cuts. To gain the optimum amount of healthy grains, make sure the product says 100% whole grain. Without the 100% label the FDA only requires that the product contains some whole grains.


One response to “The Truth About Multigrain

  1. Definitely one of the biggest misconceptions on the market in my opinion! Grrr marketers!

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