After returning from Las Vegas I was going through my pictures and was caught off guard by this one. The one body part I have never had to work for were my arms, then all of a sudden this picture popped up and HOLY FAT ARM!!!! What is going on here? Look at that ginormous pancake hanging from my shoulder!!

So, for the first time ever, I need to pump some serious iron…or so I thought. I had to do some extensive research, since I was basically starting from scratch but these moves should get you lookin’ like the Material girl in no time! (sans the big, scary machines) For a lot of women, especially in our older years, this is a major trouble spot, so I have compiled ten awesome exercises to get those flabby limbs into tip-top shape! Now I know these pictures are awkward but I’ll embarrass myself to help a fellow fat-armed sista’ out! Channeling my inner Popeye in 3, 2, 1….

Wrist curls


1. Wrist curls – Hold your arms out and take 3-5 pound weights and rotate your wrists palm up, palm down. Do this until it hurts, then do 15 more


2. Tricep kick-backs – Start feet hip width distance apart, bend your knees slightly and hold your arms at a 90 degree angle with weights. Extend your arm straight back and hold then repeat back to starting position. This should be a controlled exercise, quality is better than speed.

Start position

End position





3. Tricep dips – As you can see, these are great because you can do them anywhere! When you dip down try and hold for a good 3 seconds or so to really feel the burn.

Start position

End position








4. Squat thrust with weights – This is a full body move which means your working a lot of muscles at once. But more importantly it works several different muscles in your arm. You should put both weights in one hand during this exercise.

Start position

Position 2

End position





Bicep curl


5. Popeye bicep curl – Hold arms out to your sides and bend one elbow in. Alternate from side to side while holding weights in each hand.



Knee to elbow


6. Knee-to-elbow – This move is great because it works your ab muscles too! Keep a high plank but alternate pulling each knee in to the outside of your elbow and hold for 3 seconds. You can make this harder by placing your hands on a step.


7. High-to-low plank – Start in a high plank position keeping your back straight and your weight distributed evenly. One elbow at a time come down to a low plank and hold maintaining proper posture. Then bring it back up and repeat til you shake!

start position

End position






8. Chest Fly – Lie face-up on your back with your knees bent and hold your arms above you with weights in hand. Slowly bring your arms down, hovering above the ground to the count of three and controlled back up. You make this harder by doing it on a bench or having a friend stand behind you and resist your arms.

Start position

End position






9. Bicep punch – Hold your arms at your sides with weight in your hand and palms facing up. Push the weights away from your body at your sides hold and bring them back to the starting position.

Start position

end position


4 responses to “HOLY FAT ARM!!!

  1. Awesome how-to–they really illustrate those exercises well! Love that your top matches the mat too, hehe.Thanks for the roller blading tip 🙂 Hope you have luck adding in those veggies and protein!!!

  2. Great post! I do some of those at home but you definitely gave me more to try!

  3. You do NOT have a fat arm, girl! I understand your motivation but calling your arm a pancake doesn’t help!

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